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November 24, 2020

 • BY Ron Holcomb

When Tipmont acquired Wintek Corporation in January 2019, the focus was on Wintek’s existing and stable infrastructure and highly skilled workforce. Both immediately benefited from our initiative to build state-of-the-art broadband to Tipmont’s electric service area.

Founded in 1973, Wintek has a long and successful history in the Lafayette area. In the early 1980s, Wintek was the first U.S. company to offer a printed circuit board layout for a computer-aided design program for IBM personal computers. The company also dabbled in software, hardware, and networking before becoming the first fiber internet provider in Lafayette over a decade ago.

Wintek’s business service unit today largely focuses on businessclass internet and consulting services. Our ability to provide state-of-the-art connectivity and top-notch customer service and support has established Wintek as the premiere business technology solutions provider in this area.

Wintek Business Solutions serves many of our area’s largest businesses, universities, and even governments. Here is a short list: Caterpillar, Nanshan, GE, Purdue University, Purdue Research Foundation, Purdue Discovery Park, and the Lafayette and West Lafayette city governments. Those are some of the largest employers in our area. We’re very proud to supply their technology solutions.

Wintek also has a 7,000 square foot data center on the south side of Lafayette that is on par with anything you will find in Indianapolis or even Chicago. The data center provides a dedicated and secure location for companies to house their computing and networking systems. Today, many local and regional companies are using Wintek’s data center for services including co-location, data storage and off-site backup.

Why this matters to you

Wintek Business Solutions is an important piece of how we’re solving the rural broadband gap in our area. The beauty of the co-op business model is that as a not for- profit organization, we don’t have outside shareholders. Rather, this innovative model utilizes its resources to serve you, our co-op community. Co-ops from around the country are looking at Tipmont’s success as a standard for how they can solve the same broadband gap plaguing their rural communities.

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